WhitefishHaddock – Melanogrammus Aeglefinus

The haddock is a bottom-dwelling fish that belongs to the cod family

WHITEFISHHaddock – Melanogrammus Aeglefinus

Delicious Haddock: A Seafood Delight!

Haddock, the prized bottom-dwelling fish, thrives at depths ranging from 40 to 300 meters. Renowned for its coarse yet delicate flesh, boasting excellent bonding properties, it’s a sought-after choice for processed fish meals. As a vital species for Norwegian consumption, our Haddock comes from coastal waters spanning the entire northern coastline from Stad onwards. Experience the finest Haddock export with us!”

Looking for the best Haddock supplier from Norway? We offer premium, sustainably sourced Haddock with unmatched freshness and quality. Our bottom-dwelling fish, belonging to the cod family, is carefully harvested at optimal depths for the perfect taste and texture.

Discover the delectable flavors of Norwegian Haddock, a favorite among seafood enthusiasts worldwide. With our coastal waters expertise and commitment to sustainability, we ensure you receive the finest Haddock for your culinary creations. Order now and experience the authentic taste of Norway’s prized seafood!”


HaddockMain catching season

Main catching season
September – April

Fishing methods
Trawling, long line, seine, net

Grading FAS fillets
3-5 oz, 5-8 oz, 8-16 oz, 16-32 oz

Grading FAS headed and gutted
-800g, 800g+/0.8-1.5kg, 1.5kg+

Grading Fresh
0-1kg, 1-2kg, 1.5kg+, 2kg+

Grading fillets frozen at sea (sko, pbi)
6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-14oz, 14-16oz, 16-32oz (packed in 3×15 lbs)



Interleaved Fillets
Skin on and Skin off, Grading: 3-5 oz, 5-8 oz, 8-16 oz, 16-32 oz, 32 + oz
Skin On and Skin Off, Grading: 80-100 g, 100-120 g, 120-140 g, 140-160 g, 160-180 g,
Under Loins
Skin off and Skin off, Grading: 80-100 g, 100-120 g, 120-140 g
Cod Roe
We have fresh, frozen and smoked Cod Roes, IQF frozen
Portions: Center, Tail, Nape, Folded, Pin Bone: In and Out
Salted and Dried
Fillet, Split, Diluted, Portions, Loins, Migas
Special Products
Offcuts, Nape, Skins, Heads, Tail Fin, Liver, Milt, Back Bones, Collar Bones, Breaded portions