WhitefishCod – Gadus Morhua

The world’s largest cod stock is located in Norway. As it is one of the most common fishes in Norway

WHITEFISHCod – Gadus Morhua

Enjoy Cod Fish All Year Round with a Diverse Selection of Products

Discover Norway’s Vast Cod Stock: A Backbone of Coastal Living. Norway boasts the world’s largest cod stock, making it a crucial resource for the local communities. Among the diverse cod varieties, the migratory, oceanic cod and the non-migratory coastal cod stand out. The migratory cod, fondly known as “Skrei” in Norwegian (the wanderer), embarks on an epic journey through Arctic waters, making it a prized pelagic fish available only for a limited time each year. On the other hand, the coastal cod is a classic bottom-dwelling fish, providing a unique fishing experience year-round.

Explore Year-Round Cod Fishing with a Diverse Product Range. Whether fresh, frozen, or fillets, cod offers a delectable choice for seafood enthusiasts. Additionally, cod comes in various dried varieties to suit different tastes. Not only is cod a delicious option, but it also boasts numerous health benefits. Being low in fat and rich in protein, vitamin B12, and selenium, it is a nourishing addition to any diet.


CODMain catching season

Skrei: January – April
Non-migratory: September – April

Fishing methods
Trawling, long line, seine, net

Grading FAS
-1kg, 1-2.5kg, 2.5-5kg, 5kg+

Grading Fresh
1-2kg, 2-4kg, 4-6kg, 6-8kg, 8kg+

Grading fillets frozen at sea (sko / skl, pbi)
6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-14oz, 14-16oz, 16-32oz, 32oz+ (packed in 3×15 lbs)

Grading fillets frozen at sea (skl, pbo)
6-8oz, 8-10oz (packed in 3×14 lbs)



Interleaved Fillets
Skin on and Skin off, Grading: 3-5 oz, 5-8 oz, 8-16 oz, 16-32 oz, 32 + oz
Skin On and Skin Off, Grading: 80-100 g, 100-120 g, 120-140 g, 140-160 g, 160-180 g,
Under Loins
Skin off and Skin off, Grading: 80-100 g, 100-120 g, 120-140 g
Cod Roe
We have fresh, frozen and smoked Cod Roes, IQF frozen
Portions: Center, Tail, Nape, Folded, Pin Bone: In and Out
Salted and Dried
Fillet, Split, Diluted, Portions, Loins, Migas
Special Products
Offcuts, Nape, Skins, Heads, Tail Fin, Liver, Milt, Back Bones, Collar Bones, Breaded portions