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AS BåtsfjordbruketWe deliver all Norwegian seafood products for your needs

We offer a wide variety of quality fish and shellfish from Norway

AS Båtsfjordbruket is a registered exporter of seafood:

  • Vietnam Seafood Export Approval No. F162
  • China Seafood Export Approval No. CNOR18PP1804010008
  • Brazil Seafood Export Approval No. F162
  • EU Seafood Export Approval  No. F162

Our Products

Cod – Gadus Morhua
Enjoy Cod Fish All Year Round with a Diverse Selection of Products
Interleaved Fillets, Cubes and Block Portions, Roe, Blocks
Interleaved Fillets, Loins, Under Loins, Portions, Roe, Cubes and Block Portions
Interleaved Fillets: Skin On and Off, Grading: 3-5 oz, 5-8 oz, 8-16 oz, 16-32 oz, 32 + oz
Alaska Pollock
Loins, Cubes and Block Portions, Blocks, Clipfish - Salted and Dried, Special Products
Grading fresh: -4kg, 4kg+, 6kg+, 8kg+ 12kg+, Interleaved Fillets: Head and fillets
Atlantic Halibut
Grading: --6kg, 4.5-10kg, 10-20kg, 20-40kg, 40-60kg, 60-100kg, 100kg+
Loins, Under Loins, Cubes and Block Portions, Roe, Portions, Salted and Dried
Tusk / Cusk
Interleaved Fillets, Loins, Portions, Salted and Dried, Special Products
Whole round, Fillets, Light salted fillets, IQF fillets, J-cut, N-cut, Steaks, Cubes
Spotted Wolffish
Headed and gutted, Interleaved fillets, Loins, Bits and pieces blocks, Mince
Northern Wolffish
Headed and gutted, Interleaved fillets, Loins, Bits and pieces blocks, Mince
Grading: Mix, N-cut, J-cut, Headed and gutted, Fishing methods: Trawling, long line
Products: Head on, gutted – Fresh, Grading: -650g, 650g+
Snow Crab
Live, Whole, Clusters, Single legs and claws, Split legs, Medallion,
Snow Crab
Clusters, Split legs, 3-5oz, 5-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-12oz, 12oz+
Cold Water Prawns
30-50/kg, 40-60/kg, 50-70/kg, 60-80/kg, 70-90/kg, 90-120/kg, 120+/kg
Atlantic Salmon
Fillets, Smoked fillets, IVP, Cuts, Heads, Skins, Sheets, Fillet block, Bits & pieces, Offcuts
We offer a range of roe products Cod roe, Haddock roe, Saithe roe, Ling roe

Full Range SupplierWe deliver all products you need.

We offer most seafood products on the market. If you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact one of our employees.

SEAFOOD FROM NORWAYWe farm the ocean responsibly and with as little impact as possible.

Our seafood products include salmon and trout produced along the Norwegian coastline. Coast exports 100 000 tonnes of seafood per year to 80 markets.
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ABOUT USOur vision is to be the best full range supplier of Norwegian seafood.

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